We Love Low Prices too! 

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We all love low prices. Who doesn't?

Our lenses are specially marked at very affordable prices (lower than most retailers out there) as we believe that glasses should be made available to everyone.

Unfortunately, some of our prices are so low that we are not allowed to publish them online :(

So if you are curious about how low can our prices get, just send us a message and we will let you know ;)

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Single Vision Lenses ------------------------- Single vision lenses are those that have the same focal power throughout the lens. They can be used to treat any of the conditions: near-sightedness, far-sightedness or astigmatism. These are the most commonly prescribed lenses and are mostly worn by people under 40 years of age. Progressive Lenses ----------------------- Multifocal or progressive lenses are used to treat conditions like presbyopia, which is near-sightedness caused by age. These are multifocal lenses because there is more than one focal power present in the lens. These lenses are made in the form of progressive addition, the focal power increases from the top to bottom. The best part is that they look just like single vision glasses. Unlike bifocal or trifocal glasses they don’t have any definitive line dividing different focal powers.
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