Wouldn’t it be great if you can get a FREE pair of Premium Crizal Easy UV Lenses (worth up to $230) with every purchase of Essilor Lenses?…

Yes, Now You Can!


With its Premium Crizal Multi-coating, Crizal Easy UV Lenses gives you exceptional UV protection (25 E-SPF), supreme scratch and smudge resistance and unrivaled anti-reflection properties.

It would serve as an excellent pair of complementary or backup glasses to your Varilux glasses.

Get a FREE pair of Crizal Easy UV Lenses (worth up to $230) with Purchase of the following Essilor RX Lenses:

  • Crizal UV (RX)

  • Crizal Prevencia (RX)

  • Crizal Transitions (RX)

  • Crizal Eyezen

  • Varilux Progressive

  • Varilux Digitime

  • Myopilux

  • Essicolor

  • Xperio

Prefer to have another pair of Free lenses other than Crizal Easy UV? Certainly!

Simply trade it in (for up to $230) and select your preferred pair of Essilor Lenses! Just top-up the price difference (if any).

*To sweeten the deal, you can combine this Promo with our Branded Lens Promo for your first pair of lenses*

Simply send us a quote request below to know how much this package cost based on your actual eye prescription at no obligation at all.

Do not miss this golden opportunity to perfect your vision with Essilor lenses!

<Promo ends 31 Aug 2019>

Terms and conditions:

  1. Use of own frame (if applicable) is limited to only 1 of the 2 pair of glasses.

  2. Prescription on both pair of lenses must be the same and also belong to the same customer.

  3. First pair of lenses are applicable for Branded Lens Promo.

  4. Top-up of difference if required for upgrade to other lenses. Branded Lens Promo is not applicable for upgraded lenses.

  5. This offer cannot be used in-conjunction with other offer/promotion unless otherwise specified.

  6. Usual terms and conditions apply.

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