Why we love what we do.

It all started with 2 questions:

Why don't most of us put on different eyewear, like how we wear different clothing everyday to match our unique lifestyles or fashion acumen?

Many of us have a wardrobe of clothings and a rack of shoes but why not our very personal collection of eyewear?

Your personal eyewear collection

At Mimeo, we endeavor to make it possible for everyone to have his or her very own personal collection of eyewear to suit the lifestyles, and to match the daily outfit instead of just wearing the same pair of eyewear for all occasions. We achieve this by providing everyone with a range of highly affordable, fashionable and great quality eyewear. 

Personal touch without pressure

We believe everyone has his or her own requirement and needs when it comes to selecting spectacles. That is why we adopted appointment system so that we can provide dedicated personalized services to you. You would be given ample time to choose your frames at your own pace without pressure since the appointment slot is catered solely for you. If you need any advice, we are standing by there for you. 

We love low prices too

To add icy to the cake, our prices are highly affordable because we believe in low costs that translate to greater savings for you. This way, we make spectacles available to all who need them, and for the fashion forward ones to have one for every occasion.

Clear visions, clearer pricings

Our prices are transparent and listed clearly so that you know how much you will be spending. You will only pay for items you need and not be subjected to any shocking bill. How's that for a clear vision?

"We are a young and dynamic team seeking to change the way consumers buy their eyewear. We capitalize on the social media and the internet to reach out to our consumers. With our low cost business model, we strive to offer our customers high quality and value-for-money products and services."