Why don't most of us put on different eyewear, like how we wear different clothing everyday to match our unique lifestyle and fashion acumen?


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Complete collection of optical frames for all walks of life. If you are looking to be either Trendy+Fun, Smart Formal or Cool Classics, we have something for you.

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 While some customers hunt down the best deals, some value quality above all. Whether affordable or premium, we have them both at competitive prices. See it to believe it.

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how you are served

We like to keep things simple. We give you the right kind of service. Nothing more, nothing less, just the way you like it. Our prices are clearly listed so that you know exactly what you are paying for.

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Why walk into a retail store and join the crowd? We provide personalized service and commit our time to you during your appointment. You can freely browse through our frames without any pressure. Making an appointment is a breeze. Simply choose your desired time-slot preferably 2 days in advance and we will get back to you with the confirmation. 

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